Dotan | Warszawa

Dotan | Warszawa

16 kwietnia 2024, Wtorek

BARdzo Bardzo

Nowogrodzka 11, Warszawa

Start: godz. 19:00

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Holendersko-izraelski artysta Dotan powraca i ogłasza wyjątkową akustyczną trasę koncertową, a jednym z jej przystanków będzie intymny koncert w Warszawie, który odbędzie się już 16 kwietnia 2024 roku w klubie BARdzo Bardzo.

19:00 – doors
19:30 – support (TBA)
20:15 – Dotan
🇬🇧 Dotan has always used music as a form of expression, a method to uncover the feelings tucked away into the corners of his mind. A songwriter with humble beginnings, he cut his musical teeth playing bars and living room shows to fund and promote his debut album a decade ago. His latest release, titled “Diamonds In My Chest”, marks the return to his roots with a strong folk sound composed with his acoustic guitar in hand. The anthem was created on a road trip through the California desert and Dotan describes the song as, “a journey to discover your true self.” As he wrote for his upcoming full-length record, Dotan developed a healthier relationship with music, where he discovered that music could feel sunny and bright, it could inspire and celebrate life. And this discovery is the crux of Dotan’s upcoming album, a folk-influenced record that tells the story of happier chapters in his life and looks forward at what’s to come.

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