HIGH HOPES w./ Chicaiza | SPATiF Klub

HIGH HOPES w./ Chicaiza | SPATiF Klub

26 maja 2023, Piątek


Aleje Ujazdowskie 45, Warszawa

Start: godz. 22:00

Podziel się:

Our incredible journey through the musical Universe continues. We are happy to see how our efforts, like spring flowers, open the way to new pleasant collaborations.
🛸This time, 26th of May, we invited Berlin-based Ecuadorian soul and incredible music selector – Chicaiza. Artist, producer and co-founder one of the lovely record-store and label – KIMCHI Records. His vinyl bag is full of sounds from space with dreamy textures spiced with ecuadorian flavor.
🛸Pridi – our dear friend who winning many hearts with his terrific taste – will prepare a mellow warm up. What he’s up to this time remains a surprise that you want to discover as soon as possible.
🛸And Embind will provide a sequel to the night, bringing groovy motifs, boldly mixing her favorite finds with the atmosphere of the night.With a sense of foretaste, we’re waiting to spend this night together.
Start – 22:00
🚀Free enter

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