Psylocybina – Feral (Hypnus Records / Aube Rouge)

Psylocybina – Feral (Hypnus Records / Aube Rouge)

14 października 2022, Piątek


Stanisława Taczaka 10, Poznań

Start: godz. 23:00

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As the night falls the whole tribe gathers around the fire. Young ones, and old ones. We share our stories and struggles in life. The old men start beating the drums and the women starts to sing. Boom ba da bim ba da boom… we slowly start to dance. The chief reaches into his sack and takes out a hand full of small mushrooms and shares them with people. Boom ba da bim ba da boom… the magic has started, and not so soon will be gone. Boom ba da bim ba da boom… come fellow traveler join our transformational dance.
Our next ceremony will be led by
🍄 Feral (Hypnus Records, Aube Rouge) – Marked by his awakened sensibility to depth, Feral consistently carries a thread of spirituality throughout his work. His affinity for the shamanic calls of the tribal drums has led him across the world to discover and nurture his defining sound. With a heightened sense of spatial awareness, the sounds of Feral unearth the path of his multidimensional world, transporting the listener to a haunting, yet grounding refuge within.
🍄 Ariet (Psylocybina / KVLTÖ Records)
🍄 w_iro (Psylocybina)

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