Outlook Festival Showcase: Tropical Synergy | K-Bar Powiśle

Outlook Festival Showcase: Tropical Synergy | K-Bar Powiśle

27 kwietnia 2024, Sobota

K-Bar Powiśle

aleja 3 maja &, Leona Kruczkowskiego, Warszawa

Start: godz. 22:00

Podziel się:

The UK’s legendary festival, Outlook Origins, teams up with the club scene based in Poland. The Laboratorio Tropical and Synergy Cult crews join forces to bring you an official Outlook Festival Showcase on three stages of K-Bar Powiśle on April 27th! 🖤
The dancefloors will be filled with the entire spectrum of electronic club music, from heavy bass & breakbeat, throughout trancey hypnotic grooves, to tropical vibes from across the Globe.
For this night we will have the pleasure to host:
🫧 Amy Kisnorbo (UK), a producer and DJ based in Bristol, who will offer her unique take on bass music, blending it with juke, ghetto house and jungle!
🫧 Rishi (UK), a specialist in mixing cultures & genres, Outlook Origins & no_oneUK booker, from whom you can expect the unexpected!
🫧 Alongside with hermeneia, representing the emerging Polish bass music scene.
Local support will be provided by Synergy Cult:
🌊 anke schön
🌊 zenwerk
🌊 aist
…and Laboratorio Tropical:
🌍 Fourth World Music
🌍 Karateknur
🌍 wauneu
🌍 eylau
🌍 Cosaco
🔮 @lisovvski
🔮 @disync_
SAT 27.04
START: 22:00
TAX: 30pln before midnight | 40pln after midnight
[ bass I trance | breakbeat | techno I reggaeton I energetic leftfield dub I baile funk I post-club I house I latincore ]
gfx: Zuza Pieńkowska, @zuzaeksperyment
Safe space. No place for sexism, racism, xenophobia and other irrational biases.
Remember to stay hydrated and respect each other.

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