New Moon Yoga in English / 22.01.2023 / Hala Odra

New Moon Yoga in English / 22.01.2023 / Hala Odra

22 stycznia 2023, Niedziela

Hala Odra

bulwar Maurycego Beniowskiego 5, Szczecin

Start: godz. 13:00

Podziel się:

Hello yogic enthusiasts or beginners! I invite you to Hala Odra for a 90 min yoga vinyasa flow. Let’s use the energy of the new moon and the beginning of the new year to turn our new goals, new projects, new resolution into action.
The new moon stands for new beginnings, new impulses and changes. The perfect time to release and let go old rooted burdens and manifest our new wishes and desires.
The connection between our body, breath and mind is the bridge to our soul. Let’s come together to create a union 🪬✨
When: Sunday, 22 Jan 2023
Time: 13:00 | 90 min
Where: Hala Odra
Who: Everyone is welcome | beginner-friendly with options for more advanced practitioners
Price: Donation based – pay what you can or what it’s worth to you

See you on the mat🤍

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