The Cat Club | Ikarvs

The Cat Club | Ikarvs

23 marca 2024, Sobota

Piekło nad Niebem

Nowy Świat 21, Warszawa

Start: godz. 23:59

Podziel się:

The Cat Club tells a unique story about Disco. Rather than the typical joyous associations with the music of the seventies, we present it in a dark and decadent manner. We carefully select atmospheric venues that, combined with bespoke decorations and glass spheres, cast a new light on Disco revelry.
Ikarvs Live
Mihvu & Sonik
The Cat Club
Dress Code:
casual, disco, dark, creative
No pre-sale // ticket at the door
Enter to the club is on the right side of the queue.
Piekło nad Niebem club and this event will be a safe space for everyone.

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