Sunday chaos. #2 | BARdzo Bardzo

Sunday chaos. #2 | BARdzo Bardzo

12 marca 2023, Niedziela

BARdzo Bardzo

Nowogrodzka 11, Warszawa

Start: godz. 16:00

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Immerse yourself in the world of electronic music and be part of this special event. Enjoy the intense, hypnotic and groovy sounds presented by top artists in a very unique location.
Sunday chāos. aims to bring together people from all sorts of backgrounds that share the same love for electronic music that will take place at the BARdzo Bardzo jazz club located in Warsaw downtown.
Chāos. is also an event where we are not afraid to experiment and search for new sounds and ideas.
We believe that with our initiative, we can introduce participants to the world of cultural and social awareness and inspire them to open up for new musical experiences.
We pay great attention to mutual respect, so that everyone can feel safe and fully enjoy the music and the atmosphere that we thoroughly try to create.
Malaxis (MaL b2b Axis operandi)
Date: 12.03.2022
Place: BARdzo bardzo
Start: 16:00
Tix: 30/40

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