Intl 2022___Suzanne

Intl 2022___Suzanne

12 lipca 2022, Wtorek

Klub Wytwórnia

Łąkowa 29, Łódź

Start: godz. 12:30

Podziel się:

Suzanne 🇫🇷
In partnership with: Jazz Migration
Maëlle Desbrosses – Viola, voice
Pierre Tereygeol – Guitar, voice
Hélène Duret – Clarinets, voice
Suzanne is a humming voice whispering ageless memories. Sometimes instrumental, sometimes chanted, sometimes teared apart. It is a child mumbling melodies, a forebear passing down its memories, those musicians writing, playing, singing everything they had the chance to hear.
Suzanne is that voice gathering Maëlle Desbrosses, Hélène Duret and Pierre Tereygeol, creating folksongs of a new century. Suzanne is a complex harmonic work meeting traditional rythms, a demanding musical writing and common improvised language always stretching its limits. Those voices, coming out and vanishing bring the trio to endless possibilities.

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